Monday, July 21, 2008


Near my home is one man's dream of a nature sanctuary. The man is Henry Ross and the sanctuary is called Gardenview. Early last winter, I snapped some pictures of the winter cabbage he had growing next to the side of the road. Here's a digital painting (just want to mix things up here a little) created in Painter, using the Wacom art pen and the palette knife tool.

I'll have more posts about Gardenview with some watercolor sketches soon.


tabulyogang said...

wow simply beautiful! how did you do that? do you have tutorials over here or something? :P

Jeff Suntala said...


Using the Painter program, just lay the colors and shapes down with hard edges using a simple gouache type brush, then scrape it with the palette knife tool. The Art Marker pen is shaped like a flat magic marker, and so is the palette knife tool. It recognizes what orientation it's in.

Nothing more to it.