Friday, August 3, 2012

Watercolor Sketch Kit

Here's some photos of my watercolor sketch kit. Items of interest include -

Platypus .5 liter collapsible water bottle 
Very cool. I was experimenting with all sorts of small water containers and discovered this baby.

Sea to Summit collapsible cup
These come in a couple different sizes. Even shot glass size for the super minimalist! The one shown is 1 cup size.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Sling Bag
My buddy has a Patagonia Atom bag, and I kept on thinking that it would be perfect for sketching. Unfortunately, it wasn't very flexible and didn't hold enough. This is the same size, but the waterproof double ripstop fabic is super light and a little stretchy. Since it's not as structured, it will hold lots more than the Atom bag. It will hold one of those 10" x 7" Arches spiral bound sketch books with ease. For regular use, I put one or two large moleskine watercolor sketch books in the bag (I have them set up according to subject matter... one for general sketching, one for portraits). You can even put an iPad with case into this versatile bag (not necessarily with all of this other stuff).

Kremer Pigments Watercolor Box
You fill this with plastic pans, which you can also buy from Kremer Pigments. Either full size or half size (you can see that I have both types crammed in there). You fill the pans with paint from your own tubes. No need to buy those pre packed watercolor pans that are wrapped up like little lozenge candies. Kremer also has a small watercolor box that I have, but I appreciate having the extra space to mix colors that the medium sized box provides.

Da Vinci Maestro Travel Brush
This is a number 6 I think. If I want to really travel light, I'll skip the bamboo wrap of my regular brushes and just take this. Saves a lot of space.

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Unknown said...

I saw your Sea 2 Summit collapsible water container and love it for travel and moleskin painting but was looking for one for studio/workshop use. I googled collapsable dog bowl and there are many of the same type, only with more capacity for larger paintings and brushes... Here are the search results...

And keep up the great work- great posts!