Friday, June 21, 2013

Medina Gazebo

Here's a step by step showing the progression of a sketch from last Saturday at the Medina Farmers Market. What a gorgeous day it was! Medina town square on farmers market days is an incredible experience. A world class small town square just buzzing with a terrific vibe. Kevin Leamer at Por-Bar farms helped me dip my toe into the cooking waters by providing me with fantastic recipes with which to prepare his incredible veggies.

Beginning with the initial pencil... I wanted to show just the super rough initial pencil lines... none of them are accurate. They're drawn very lightly. Then I started to work my around, getting them a little closer to reality. Unfortunately, this shot is blurry, but I was in a hurry, as I realized I hadn't gotten a shot of the pencil work and I didn't want the start of the wash to dry.

Here's the initial wash work. Think of it as a series of layers or planes.  When confronted with complex subject matter, simplify! So here's the first wash of the gazebo, which will end up representing all of the front parts of it.

Here's the next wash, which will represent the back inner parts of the gazebo. I made sure that initial wash was dry, because all of those little gingerbread details have to be crisp.
And here's the final. I wanted to keep it as a simple sketch. Sometimes I go overboard and try to include every little thing. I could have kept going, putting in the folds of the bunting and more, but it's best left simple.

Make sure you check out my new website! Lots of sketches and paintings and I'll be going through my backlog of all types of sketches, pencil and watercolor and posting them up there as days and months go by. I added a Value Study section too.

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Anonymous said...

A magnificent art! I’m sure that your art gave color to my blog The Medina gazebo created a huge help. I wonder if I can paint a gazebo like yours.