Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gardenview Seating

Here are some demos from class recently. The photo was taken in the spring at Gardenview, with all of the wonderful lenten roses in bloom. I've been talking to the students about how important is to do a grey scale study first and to think values, values, values! I create my grey scale studies on the computer using my wacom tablet and photoshop (the days of marker comps are long gone for this old soldier, but I'm going to pick up some grey markers for on the spot studies. More on that once I get them). When working on that, all I thought of was making an interesting pattern based on the arches of the seats, knowing that the repeating round forms of the arches would help unify the composition. Once that was done, for fun I put on a layer of color. The fall painting was then created in class. The next week the spring version was created, this time with no value sketch.

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